The Timing Of A Business Decision Is Critical

At N/VISNIUM AI™, the analyst must exercise informed discretion in decision-making beyond that required of other professionals. He or she must be knowledgeable of consumer behavior and market trends, yet keep from making catastrophic mistakes by staying grounded in business fundamentals. Without going into specifics to preserve privacy, here are a few examples of this in action. 

One of our AI Factory companies was developing a web-based platform that would enable them to target a very small sector of the marketplace that happened to be very popular with consumers. Thus, the AI Factory company wanted to cater exclusively to that market niche. However, after talking with consumers and running a few tests, we soon discovered a much larger application for the web-based platform that would allow them to profit from a variety of angles. This simultaneously made the company much more popular with consumers, since customers could accomplish a lot more all in one place.

Being Able to Rapidly Adapt can be Invaluable in Avoiding Consequences Created by Failing to Change

We also worked extensively with another one of our AI Factory companies that was experiencing almost the exact opposite issue that the other of our AI Factory companies was experiencing. They were catering to a large portion of the market or as they put it, casting a large net. However, the ROI on initial advertising testing did not provide justification for their business model. There was some talk about even closing the company down. However, the analyst noticed that the company did have some early traction in one segment of the market, and that almost all the marketing efforts only brought clients in from this one sector of the market. Advertising was then catered exclusively to this one sector of the market. The results were explosive and far exceeded even the most optimistic of expectations. Next the business model was changed to exclusively cater to this sector of the market. This led to even further improved results from the marketing efforts.  This was all made possible because the analyst quickly understood what the company’s true clients were and the void that they were filling.

These examples demonstrate how rapidly adapting is invaluable in avoiding consequences created by failing to change and why our services provide our AI Factory clients with invaluable information to help them succeed!

Consumer Favorite AI Solutions

We take raw data from consumers about what they are looking for in future services and turn it into meaningful ways to integrate AI into a suitable business model. We work with our consumers throughout the process of incubating AI companies to ensure that the result will be adopted early on by consumers. We are committed to creating consumer favorite AI companies that produce recurrent revenue.

Rigorous Testing

Once we finish our initial AI integration analysis, we perform multiple quality checks. These tests are designed to ensure that consumers have a pleasant experience using any of our AI Factory company’s services. After testing, we deliver the results to focus groups, and work with them to ensure that consumers are truly having a memorable experience. This is an ongoing process designed to help us continuously improve.

Client Satisfaction

Our goal is to provide consumers with high-quality AI services through subscription-based models. No matter the industry, discipline, or type of business, we pride ourselves on providing consumers with irresistible services that consumers feel they cannot live without. Our goal is provide consumers with AI services that let them take advantage of the AI future today. N/VISNIUM AI™ works hard to ensure that consumers love the services of our AI factory companies, because customer satisfaction is what leads to companies going viral. By ensuring customer satisfaction, we can ensure the continued success of our AI Factory companies.