Who We Are

N/VISNIUM AI™ is a cutting-edge AI company that leverages the power of analysts, artificial intelligence, quantum computers, and super-data technologies to create AI companies that gain immediate traction with consumers and produce revenue from day one of being introduced in the marketplace. By combining advanced AI technology with super-data capabilities, our skilled analysts can foresee future opportunities and identify compelling AI applications marketed to end users through a subscription model. Our Equity Team expertly packages these companies and presents them to leading funding groups actively seeking new AI-centric ventures. The Company was established to incubate AI driven companies and transform them into revenue generating companies that consumers love.

Artificial Intelligence is Hot! Red Hot! Experts are predicting massive layoffs soon, due to the application of AI in the workplace. A divide is developing rapidly between the AI haves and have nots. Companies adapting to the effective use of Artificial Intelligence will tower over their competition. Let’s look at the hard reality we are faced with, AI is smarter than us and is improving at an unprecedented rate. The cold hard truth is if companies fall behind in this next wave of technology, they will perish. N/VISNIUM AI™ was created to develop AI companies that fill the needs that today’s demanding consumers have. Consumers today want convenience, ease of use, better price points, and to be able to subscribe to services rather than having to outlay large amounts of money.

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The AI Factory

N/VISNIUM AI™, affectionately known as the AI Factory, is a pioneering AI incubator that specializes in designing, creating, and launching AI-centric companies focused on providing highly informative web-based platforms. The company was purposefully built from the ground up with the vision of fostering the growth of AI ventures and leveraging the power of subscription-based monetization. As an AI incubator, N/VISNIUM AI™ is dedicated to identifying and nurturing promising AI technologies and applications. The company’s expertise lies in recognizing the potential of AI-centric ventures and transforming them into successful businesses. By providing strategic guidance, resources, and support, N/VISNIUM AI™ aims to position these companies as leaders in their respective industries.

The core business model of N/VISNIUM AI™ revolves around utilizing a subscription-based approach to monetize the AI-centric companies it develops. This model ensures ongoing revenue streams by offering users access to highly informative web-based platforms. By leveraging the power of AI, these platforms provide valuable insights, analysis, and data-driven solutions to end-users, catering to various industries and market sectors. Currently, N/VISNIUM AI™ is in the process of developing four distinct AI-centric companies, each focused on a unique domain. These companies are being meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional value and innovation in their respective industries. With a planned launch scheduled for 2024, N/VISNIUM AI™ aims to introduce these cutting-edge ventures to the market and establish them as trailblazers in the AI landscape.

By combining its AI expertise, analytical capabilities, and subscription-based monetization strategy, N/VISNIUM AI™ is poised to disrupt industries and drive the adoption of AI technologies. Through its AI Factory model, the company offers a comprehensive ecosystem for nurturing, launching, and scaling AI-centric ventures, creating a sustainable pathway for success in the dynamic world of artificial intelligence. As N/VISNIUM AI™ continues to build its portfolio of AI-centric companies, it remains committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and unlocking the transformative potential of AI in various sectors. With a deep focus on providing informative web-based platforms and leveraging the subscription-based business model, N/VISNIUM AI™ is poised to revolutionize industries, empower end-users, and drive substantial value for its investors.


Using AI integration to power our subscription-based start-ups through our AI application and development services empowers our incubated companies to be adopted by consumers and produce revenue from day one of being introduced in the marketplace. With our innovative approach, we create subscription-based AI companies that are attractive to consumers and thus are adopted early on by consumers. The company motto, “as far as the mind can see,” speaks to our commitment to exploring the limits of what’s possible with AI. We provide consumers with services that they wonder how they got along with out. At N/VISNIUM AI™, we measure success by the amount of satisfaction that we provide to our clients and work diligently to exceed their expectations.


Our state-of-the-art innovations are the result of a synergy between our team of highly skilled analysts, artificial intelligence, quantum computers, and super-data technologies. This advanced system allows our analysts to peer into the future with great clarity. We provide insights into a wide range of areas such as new technologies, upcoming geopolitical landscapes, patentable IP, imminent AI opportunities, future trends, scientific advancements, and new trends in venture capital funding, just to name a few popular applications of our proprietary technology. This cutting-edge AI technology is designed to position our AI Factory companies for early consumer adoption, immediate revenue and ultimately a fundamentally sound business model for growth.

In-Depth Research

In-depth research to uncover future trends, new technologies, and future business outcomes relies on the quality and scope of the information available. N/VISNIUM AI™ places an extraordinary value on the need for our analysts to provide creative, future-oriented research of a quality and scope beyond what is available elsewhere in the current marketplace. Thus, we encourage our analysts to be bold, free to explore, and not hold back on what they see. Since we are judged on the satisfaction that the services of AI Factory companies provide to consumers, this approach ultimately benefits everyone involved.


N/VISNIUM AI™ has the technology, expert personnel, knowledge, industry experience, and follow-through necessary to position our AI Factory companies for early consumer adoption and immediate revenue. Our approach is to provide consumers with AI solutions that improve their lives by saving them time and money. Our expertise in AI integration and consumer behavior is what is making our AI Factory companies consumer favorites. As experts in AI integration and consumer behavior, we are acutely aware that consumers expect solutions that save them time and money, so our approach is to routinely exceed their expectations. We position companies not just to secure a minimal number of customers, but to become the “go to” companies and dominate their respective markets.

N/VISNIUM AI - The AI Factory Current Projects

N/VISNIUM AI is currently developing a portfolio of four cutting-edge AI-centric web platforms created within the AI Factory model. These platforms operate on a subscription and ad-based revenue model, providing unique and innovative solutions in their respective industries. N/VISNIUM AI intends to launch all 4 ventures by late 2023. Each company will be spun off as a standalone and independently operated company. The companies will all independently seek Private Equity Financing in an effort to take fast advantage of the rapidly expanding AI market. 

These four AI-centric ventures within the N/VISNIUM AI portfolio exemplify the company’s commitment to leveraging AI technologies to transform industries and drive innovation. Through the AI Factory model, N/VISNIUM AI has successfully created web platforms that provide exceptional value, enhance decision-making processes, and open new possibilities for subscribers.

N/VISNIUM AI aims to further develop and expand these platforms, optimizing their capabilities and ensuring a seamless user experience. With an emphasis on data-driven insights, advanced
analytics, and predictive models, N/VISNIUM AI is poised to revolutionize the way users engage with sports betting, vacation rentals, stock research, medical back office operations, and video platforms. Investing in N/VISNIUM AI not only supports the growth of these four remarkable ventures but also aligns with the company’s vision of driving AI-centric innovations and unlocking the transformative potential of AI technologies. Investors now have the opportunity to be part of a dynamic AI ecosystem that is set to shape the future of multiple industries.

Let’s explore these exciting ventures listed below.


N/VISNIUM AI™ has several other exciting projects that have gained immediate traction with consumers in our AI Factory that we will not disclose unless a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) is signed.

Rent-a-Rama AI – A Game-Changer in the Rental Property Industry

www.RentaRama.ai – Rent-a-Rama AI is an all-in-one digital platform designed to cater to rental property owners looking to find suitable buyers or renters for their properties. It can be challenging to find the right platform to list your rental properties on, but with Rent-a-Rama AI, you can easily list your property with just a few clicks and receive traffic and leads in no time. 

DOMIN8TR AI – The Critical Sports Betting App

www.Domin8tr.ai – DOMIN8TR AI is a groundbreaking sports betting platform that harnesses the power of AI to gather and analyze millions of data points from the internet. Through advanced algorithms and predictive analytics, the platform generates highly accurate predictions for sports competition outcomes. With DOMIN8TR.ai, users can make informed betting decisions based on data-driven insights, gaining an edge in the dynamic world of sports betting.

IntellaMed AI Overview

IntellaMed AI – Revolutionizing Medical Back-Office Operations
with Blockchain and AI

www.IntellaMed.ai – The medical industry is no stranger to complex administrative challenges, particularly when it comes to back-office operations such as medical billing. However, a groundbreaking market disruptor, IntellaMed AI, is paving the way for a transformative change in the industry. With a steadfast commitment to innovation, IntellaMed AI has completely reimagined the traditional medical billing process by harnessing  the  power  of  blockchain  technology  and  artificial intelligence (AI).


TheStream AI – Revolutionizing Video Consumption with an Exciting Twist

www.TheStream.ai – The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and one platform has emerged with the potential to transform the way videos are served and consumed worldwide. TheStream AI, an all-American video platform, combines the best attributes of Twitter, TikTok, and a Casino Slot Machine, promising to captivate users and advertisers alike. By presenting videos in a dynamic and thrilling format, TheStream AI is set to drive unprecedented traffic and engagement. TheStream AI, is a jackpot concept, and it offers an innovative video experience without any financial risk.

AI Solutions & Analysis

Consumer Favorite AI Solutions
We take raw data from consumers about what they are looking for in future services and turn it into meaningful ways to integrate AI into a suitable business model. We work with our consumers throughout the process of incubating AI companies to ensure that the result will be adopted early on by consumers. We are committed to creating consumer favorite AI companies that produce recurrent revenue.
Rigorous Testing
Once we finish our initial AI integration analysis, we perform multiple quality checks. These tests are designed to ensure that consumers have a pleasant experience using any of our AI Factory company’s services. After testing, we deliver the results to focus groups, and work with them to ensure that consumers are truly having a memorable experience. This is an ongoing process designed to help us continuously improve.
Client Satisfaction
Our goal is to provide consumers with high-quality AI services through subscription-based models. No matter the industry, discipline, or type of business, we pride ourselves on providing consumers with irresistible services that consumers feel they cannot live without. Our goal is to provide consumers with AI services that let them take advantage of the AI future today. N/VISNIUM AI™ works hard to ensure that consumers love the services of our AI factory companies.